Protesters reject new constitution in Chile

(22 Feb 2020) Thousands took to the streets in Chile on Saturday in protest against proposals to bring in a new constitution.
Demonstrators in the capital Santiago called for the rejection of the new constitution which would replace the one inherited from the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.
The protests saw confrontations between demonstrators and those who support the change.
The protest took place in the Golf neighbourhood of Santiago. Many protesters carried Chilean flags and banners rejecting a new constitution that the country is scheduled to vote on in a national plebiscite on 26 April.
The call for a new constitution has been one of the demands in the street protests that have swept Chile since October.
The protesters want to reduce the wealth gap between rich and poor, along with reforms to health care, education and pensions.
The unrest has taken a significant toll on the economy, which until recently was regarded as one of the most stable in Latin America, albeit among the most unequal.

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